Best Marketing Budget Hacks Every CMO or Manager Must Know for 2020

Businesses have been continuously spending more and more on SMS communications due to their effectiveness at reaching customers.

Yet, few marketers know that loads of money, each month, are wasted by carriers legally charging the marketer for numbers they receive messages for but are not actually being sent (wrong numbers, landlines, etc…).

The carriers do not remove or identify these numbers and just charge the marketer for the attempt as if the messages were delivered; businesses are not notified from the platforms or carriers of these wasted dollars. Most SMS sending platforms have proven to be inefficient at removing these numbers with their “free scrubs” as they also profit from the waste as well. The more that they scrub, the fewer messages are being sent on their platform. clients save between 5~15% on SMS sending costs by removing all non-active, canceled or non-functional numbers in their lists databases that they send regularly.

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