Best Cost Analysis: Deactivated/Suspended Numbers Carrier Lookup and Filtering

So you are tired of throwing money away with each campaign, but are not sure where to start?

You have read the article Carrier Lookup or Dip-Best Hacks Pros aren’t Sharing, and are wondering just what does it cost for carrier lookup and filtering for deactivated/suspended mobile numbers? 

  • Carrier lookup – The cost varies widely and also it depends on the volume but a typical cost for carrier lookup starts at around $0.005 per record to identify carriers and landline vs. cell numbers. If you want to know if a landline is conditioned for sending SMS text messages, it may cost an additional $0.005.
  • Suspended/deactivated numbers – The cost also varies widely but a typical cost for this service starts at around $0.005 per record

The cost for these services is negotiable from service providers as it can cost a lot less with a higher monthly recurring volume. 

If you are looking for a low-cost high-quality carrier lookup service, check out If you use its deactivated number feature, you may save up to 15% of SMS message fees which is at a fraction of other services. 

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