#1 Worst Mistake: Incurring SMS Fees by Messaging Non-Mobile/Bad Numbers

Whenever you send a text message delivery request to your SMS aggregator or carrier, they will perform a carrier lookup to find out which carrier the phone number belongs to. Then the message delivery request is sent to the carrier.

If the phone number is a landline or a bad number, your aggregator/carrier will not send the message but, they will still charge you for the message fees.

Carrier failure rates for text messages sent are 15-18% depending on the quality of the data. There are a host of many reasons as to why messages are not delivered but are still being charged:

• Landlines, VoIP numbers, fax numbers

• Virtual numbers

• Carrier blacklisted numbers

• Suspended or deactivated numbers

• Prepaid cell phones ran out of credits

• Carriers that do not accept text messages

If you scrub the phone numbers prior to sending message requests to your carriers, you can save a ton of money. Here is a great super inexpensive solution: www.SubscriberVerify.com

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