Carrier Lookup or Dip: Best Hacks Pros Aren’t Sharing!

When you send a commercial text message, it goes to a carrier that looks up which destination carrier a phone number belongs to, then the message is sent.

In order to get accurate carrier information, it needs to tap into the master database of all phone numbers in real-time to determine not only carrier id but also state, rate center location so that proper billing is assessed.

If you want to know which carrier a phone number belongs to or find out if the phone number is a landline or mobile number, a carrier lookup service can provide this information. Carrier lookup service provides the following information:

  • LRN (location routing number) is the identification for a telephone switch between carriers where the telephone switch is located for your number. If this is different than your number, the number is ported to another carrier
  • Carrier – name of the carriers ( Verizon, AT&T, etc.)
  • Carrier Type – types (wireless, PCS, etc.)
  • State
  • City
  • Zip-code
  • County
  • Timezone
  • LATA – local access and transport area where the phone company is located
  • OCN – operating company number that is assigned to all communications service providers
  • Messaging Provider – a company that is providing SMS text message services
  • Messaging Enabled – a landline is enabled to send SMS text messages 
  • Country
  • Country Code 

A typical cost for carrier lookup starts at around $0.005 per records. If you need to know if your landline is enabled for SMS (Messaging Enabled), it costs another $0.005 per record. 

The most accurate result comes from tapping into real-time carrier lookup service. There is a cost associated with this service. If you need the inexpensive solution, find out from here

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