How to Create a Successful SMS Template in Just 3 Steps!

When engaging with your audience, adding a personal touch to your messaging can go a long way. When you send an SMS, you have 160 characters to make an everlasting and personal impression. Meanwhile, appearing like a robot can cause your recipients to opt-out, block, or worse, report you as SPAM.

Psychology research shows that receiving a notification on our phones increases dopamine, our feel good hormone. That’s why it’s no surprise that SMS open rates are five times higher than that of emails. Plus, 90% of SMS messages often are opened within 90 seconds.

That being said, humans have short attention spans. So, if you’re going to capture the attention of your audience, make sure you can hold on to it. Small tokens, such as adding a friendly greeting and addressing them by their first name, can make you stand out.

A 2019 global study found personalization drives loyalty in 98% of markets. When studying at the 5 pillars of advocacy–personalization, resolution, empathy, expectations, time and effort–personalization was most important.

If you want to stand out, let customers know you’ve been paying them extra attention by segmenting your contact list based on characteristics and past behaviors. Start with the basics, like location, gender and age, and then advance to more specific attributes, such as purchasing history/frequency, activity/inactivity, interests, and so on.

Bonus Tip: If you are unsure how to gather this data, consider sending out an SMS survey.

While you may worry that using a template will make your message sound robotic, this is not the case. As mentioned, adding customized elements for each recipient will save you time, and using pre-saved templates will keep your tone of voice consistent and compliant. Every campaign you send will be in line with your company’s voice, regardless of who in your team is sending.

As a business, you want to do it all: increase ROI, save time, and keep your customers happy. By customizing messages and streamlining workflows, you can do just that. Make sure your data is up to date and sending customized SMS will fall into place.

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